Frequently Asked Questions

Our main goal is to deliver a positive and beneficial experience to your family. We are not here to babysit your child or show him/her a good time. While we have exciting and fun classes, our goal is to progressively challenge your child to grow in confidence through rewards and recognition from great role models. We emphasize goal setting, group/personal discipline, physical fitness, character building and excellence through detailed traditional martial arts training.

A successful Black Belt Candidate is simply one who demonstrates dedication to real excellence in our program. We have a proven supplementary program in place that get them ready for their testing process. It takes about 3 years to attain this goal and our Black Belts will tell you it's well worth it! Not to mention a nice addition to their University applications! Our Black belts have their own classes where they explore more advanced and exciting martial arts skills and principles.

Welcome! We would love to meet you. Please call your nearest location and set up an appointment with one of the Senseis. We will take a look at what you remember, what you can still do, your background, etc. then recommend where you can fit in. If you are an equivalent Black Belt, you can join our Black Belt Classes!
We train very safely here at Adamson's Karate Studios. All of our classrooms can be viewed from inside the school and many can be viewed from outside. Feel free to stop at any of our locations and watch a class.
We teach all ages starting with Preschoolers (ages 3-5), children (ages 6-12), teenagers, all the way up to Adulthood.
Our program director would love to talk to you about our various programs. Give them a call to set up an introductory lesson. We have large healthy schools and our programs are affordable for most families.
If you see a kid karate-ing around the neighborhood they are probably mimicking what he or she has seen on television. Our experience is that proper Karate training helps calm children down. We rarely, if ever, have problems with students karate-ing other kids. In fact, we have strict rule of not practicing outside of class for the first few belt levels. Hand in hand with this training comes the traditional emphasis on restraint, humility and basically being a good kid/person.

The difference is not that noticeable in the lower levels. Both arts use punches and kicks, etc. When you consider a martial art to spend your family's time and energy in you should look at the school/program more than the art. Since almost anybody can get your child excited about punching and kicking stuff for a short period of time, a good indicator is to look at an advanced class instead of a beginner class.

Ask yourself:

  • Do the students seem competent?
  • Is there a good rapport between the teacher and the students?
  • Is the class enjoyable but disciplined?
  • Are there quite a few students in class or just a couple?
If you do not see positive answers to these questions, we suggest you stay away from it unless there is a good reason.

Class size depends on the level but we are always adequately covered and you won't get left out!
There's a martial arts saying that says, "Work from where you are." That means to take it step by step and you will see a lot of improvement. Regardless of what age you are, we can help.
White, Gold, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, 3rd Brown, 2nd Brown, 1st Brown, Black Belt Candidate, Black Belt (Shodan, Junior and Adult grades) and up from there.
Yes. We teach traditional Yamanni-Ryu weaponry. This is normally for our black belts though. We also teach weapons in our competition team practices and in our Competition Training classes.
Lots of our students do. We only insist on full concentration on your Karate during the second half your Black Belt Candidacy.
We encourage our students to participate in our local low-intensity teaching tournaments were lots of ribbons are given out. This gives kids a chance to perform under some pressure and get rewarded for it. Our more serious students are invited onto the All Adamson's Karate Competition Team. We compete in the AAU Karate State, Regionals, and Nationals. Our top athletes regularly participate in international competition in places such as North/South America, Europe and Asia.