child doing a one-handed cartwheel
children sitting respectfully in a circle
children doing a one-handed plank

Our preschool program is fun, dynamic, challenging, and designed to accelerate your child's development in a number of critical areas:

  • Respect Having a respectful attitude towards adults and peers is an important character trait. The development of a good attitude creates the opportunity for growth in all areas of life.
  • Group/Personal Discipline For the benefit of your child, we run a more disciplined class than you might find in other programs. Our structured classes allow your child to thrive. Your child will naturally respond to the expectations of the dojo since we offer clearly defined and enforced rules and expectations. The next natural step will be to work on self-discipline.
  • Focus Are you concerned that your child has trouble concentrating or staying focused for any length of time? Do you fear this might be a problem when they start school? Let us help with that part of your child's development through our detailed martial arts challenges.
  • Sports Development We develop mind/body connectivity. The mind is aware of all parts of the body and is able to keep all parts under control. This is not only beneficial to karate but any sport your child may participate in. Most importantly, however, is it may actually help his or her overall learning abilities.
  • Self-Control Your child will learn to control their body through physical challenges. Students will learn to control their behavior by operating within the boundaries of acceptable behavior.
  • Self-Discipline We have a personal achievement program in place that will help influence your child's behavior at home. Come in and see for yourself what this program can do for your family.
  • Fun You'll be pleased at how we make our structured classes really fun! Expect to see a high energy class with challenging drills and fun games. The love of karate is evident in all our students' smiling faces!

Give your child a jump start in both physical and mental development.
Why don't you come by and try a class to see if we can fit your needs?