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It's extremely important to us that we keep your camper safe and healthy all week, and we take food allergies very seriously. We have been hosting our camp at the FFA Center in Trafalgar for many years, so we have developed a great working relation with the staff and an understanding of how their kitchen operates.

We know that allergies range in both how common the ingredient might be and how severe the reaction to that item is. You know your camper best, so please read the following info to help make the best judgement call for your camper.


While it is true we don't allow campers to bring snacks and food, we do make the exception for food allergies and eating restrictions. The FFA kitchen staff are very accessible, and we discuss with them before each meal if there are ingredients used that we must take into account. They are excellent at providing alternatives when they can.

While they take great care while making alternatives, it's never a bad idea to be prepared or cautious, especially with severe allergies. This is where we recommend that you bring a few back up snacks and meals, just in case.

We have access to a separate fridge, freezer, and storage area for meals and snack items, along with a microwave. Our nurse will assist your camper at meal times to make sure they can first assess the meal offered by the FFA kitchen, and then prepare an alternative meal if necessary.


As always, if you have further questions or need to discuss your camper's allergy information further, please email our staff at

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