If you are at this page, it means that you have been accepted into our Junior Leadership team for this year's Adamson's Karate Summer Camp! Whether this is your first year, or you are returning, we couldn't be happier to have you at camp and on our team.

Our head counselor team has reviewed all of your applications and placed you into the roles we think you would best fulfill based on our needs for this year. Please keep in mind that even if you didn't get the exact role you signed up for, you still get to enjoy our night time Junior Leadership games.

You will be helping out with a morning class. We have placed you into a class you either showed interest in on your sign up or an area we knew you would excel. If you have concerns, we can discuss them at our Junior Leadership meeting.

You will be watching a small group of campers all week, making sure they stay safe and have a great time. Because of the added amount of responsibility, you will have the morning class off to shower, hang out with friends, and relax.

For our veteran Junior Leaders, you will be helping us set up special activities to keep on task all week. You will not have any campers to look over and a lot more flexibility, but you will be responsible for setting up things like the evening games, ninja trail, and being there to make sure they run smoothly.


Please make sure you are at camp to check-in early and attend our meeting! Please arrive at 1 to get checked in as we will start our meeting promptly at 1:15. If there is a complication with arriving on time, please notify us at

Guidelines For Jr. Counselors And Instructors

  • You are expected to be at every scheduled activity during camp on time. Counselors must ensure their campers are there on time as well.

  • Ensure all campers are following safety procedures.

  • If a camper is going anywhere, especially during activities, somebody must know where they are going and somebody must be taking them there.

  • Be positive and always make sure the campers are having a good time without conflicting with the other rules.

  • You must attend the Jr. Counselor/Instructor meeting Sunday at 1:00pm.

  • You must stay until all of your campers are checked out on the final day and help clean their cabin areas and your own.

  • ONLY campers 18+ may have electronic devices. Focus needs to be on campers, not TikTok.

Guidelines Just For Jr. Counselors

  • Before taking your campers anywhere, you must count out all of your campers and THEN be dismissed by your head counselor.

  • If your camper needs to see a nurse, you must notify your head counselor. Depending on the situation, they will either contact the nurse to come or instruct you to take the camper to the nurse while they watch your campers.

If Guidelines Are Broken

We have a very simple rule for breaking our guidelines. You will get one warning and after that, if any of these guidelines are broken, then you will be replaced. While we want you to have a great time at camp, the most important rule as a camp leader is that the campers come first. We have some terrific things planned for those that follow our guidelines including extra downtime, night time games, special evening classes, and more just for Jr. Counselors and Instructors!